Get more from your lender

At Advice Financial, we have the knowledge, contacts and experience to get the financing solution that best suits your needs. To make your experience even better, you’ll deal with one friendly and approachable specialist who will engage with all the various people, banks, finance companies, policies and interest rates on your behalf. Our job is to help you get the results you need. We can also provide an immediate indication of your ability to borrow after we first meet.

Plus, we work with a number of other specialists that can help with all those extra aspects of the process.

Here’s what we can help you with

Home Loans

  • Recently purchased
  • Refinancing
  • Top up
  • Pre-approval
  • Construction Loan

Residential Investment

  • First investment property
  • Multiple investment properties
  • Refinancing

Asset Finance

  • Vehicle finance
  • Machinery finance
  • Plant finance

Commercial Property Investment

  • Owner occupied buildings
  • Tenanted buildings
  • Construction finance
  • Refinance

Business Lending

  • Cashflow finance
  • Acquisition finance
  • Refinance
  • Small business loans

Talk to us and get more out of your lender.

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