Income / Mortgage Insurance

A plan B for when you need it most

Keeping a roof over your head is never more important than when you’re sick or injured and need to concentrate on your recovery. So while the going is good with your plan A, it’s a great time to think about a plan B to cover those household bills, mortgage or accomodation and all of life’s little expenses when the unexpected happens. Unless you have a significant nest egg tucked away, chances are you’d need to make some drastic lifestyle changes. And leave entitlements often don’t cover the full loss of income.

Income Protection is your plan B for your earning ability. If illness or accident prevents you working for an extended period, it covers a portion of your pre-tax salary. This enabes you to keep on top of your regular expenses while you concentrate on your recovery - hopefully, in the comfort of your own home.

There’s no restriction on how you spend it. Just like your salary, you can use income protection to pay for:

  • Mortgage or rent
  • Daily living costs
  • Regular bills
  • Additional medical expenses

Should the unexpected happen, our team can help you rest insured you’ll still be able to maintain your current lifestyle.

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