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Recent events have shown us that now more than ever, you can’t leave your health to chance.

New Zealand has a great public healthcare system for emergencies and serious conditions, but rising costs and a growing population mean the diagnosis and treatment of less urgent conditions can come with a significant waiting period. If this is your plan A and you become ill, you could experience a significant negative impact on your quality of life, unless you’re prepared to pay the high cost of private care.

Medical insurance enables you to get access to specialist treatment right away, giving you the peace of mind that you can:

  • Avoid long public waiting lists
  • Have more options in the place and timing of your treatment
  • Get access to the latest in diagnostic procedures
  • Access to expensive unfunded (Non-Pharmac) drugs and treatment
  • Look after your family’s health without delay

Medical insurance gives you a healthy plan B, enabling you to access the very best treatment for any insured condition.

Get in touch and we’ll give things a good going over.

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