Trauma Insurance

We’ll take away the drama

Being seriously ill or injured is never part of anyone’s plan A.

So when the unexpected happens, life can be thrown into chaos and the last thing you need to worry about is your financial security. Trauma insurance provides you with a lump-sum payment to help deal with the enevitable costs that arise with recuperation, rehabilitation and the inability to work.

Trauma insurance is your perfect plan B. Providing support if you suffer from any of the illnesses or injuries specified in your policy, including cancer and heart attack. You can use the money however you see fit:

  • Paying down debt
  • Medical expenses
  • Investing to provide an income
  • Home modifications in the case of a permanent disability
  • Even a holiday to assist with recovery

Trauma insurance gives you the peace of mind that if anything serious should happen to you, you’ll still be able to look after yourself and your family.

No dramas.

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